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Video Media

Video production to showcase your products or services both online or ready for TV. Weddings, Actor Portfolios, Music videos,Product demo's


From portraits and weddings right through to corporate needs we can capture the feelings in the images you want.

Social Media

Social Management, Content creation ,Facebook ,Youtube,Twitter and more! Its all about getting the right message presented in the best way so people talk about you.

Sound Services

Sound production,mixing,voice-overs,recording,tracking,mastering, session musicians,beats/backing tracks,ADR,background music

Graphic Design and Print

Quality Design and print services direct to your door, we can handle it all in one place.

Event Management

Time to take it to the next level. We organise everything! Catering, promotional staff , venue hire, stall display design, parties, entertainment and more. Your next event will be out of this world!

Web Design

Graphic design , mobile sites , eCommerce enabled , Self managed sites. From a one page site through to complex secure interactive pages.

Our Team

The people that make it happen!

Roberto Merlini

Sound Engineer/Video production

Deepanshu Thakral

Web Development

Danita Hay

CEO founder


social-media-icons-download-erlen-websiteIts the new Hype word everyone is talking about and its exploding in new ways to market your business. Social media taps into putting your message in front of the people that are talking now this can be a relatively inexpensive process with very highly targets results unlike any other adverting medium out there but if its done wrong then you could end up with a viral nightmare!

We create campaigns that go viral in a good way and build your fan base full of people that are actually interested in you. You can buy heaps of “Likes” or “followers” from others but growing a legitimate fan base that responds to well constructed and clever adds takes skill and a outside of the box approach that you wont find anywhere else.


Web Development

Responsive_Web_DesignGetting you showcased online in the right way is important to us. We believe websites need to reflect the image of the business and paint a clear picture of your company values. Understanding what your business does and where your passion is gives us a great insight to what we can create with you.


We like to get to know your business face to face before we start looking at all aspects of the business to see where the hidden gem is that people want to know about and develop your site around that. Its not all about computers! We take the geek stuff out and hand you back something that is functional yet sets you out from the ordinary. We can make it complex packed full of features or make it self managed so anyone can look after it and you can talk to one of our team face to face all the way. Web design, client liaison, web content development, web server, social security & client side and development of E-commerce are all things we can bring to you no matter how large or how small the job.

seo The SEO stands for search engine optimization. With Google being the main player it has the ability to change the way the people are found on the internet and is regularly  changing SEO on a daily basis with social media and video now closely tied in with your online presence.

The most important factor is correctly writing content that reflects your business but is also friendly to search engines as well as motivate end users to click through to your site. We at the snowflake use Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) practices to motivate your customers through words and gives you that edge over your competitors.

SEO can be complex and needs constant tweaking to keep you in the top results but this does not have to cost alot either , we have plans from as little $200 per month to target specific areas of your business.

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